The Contest
So you think you've got what it takes!

Good! That's the first step. If you looked through the site you know we have four different galleries in which the art is displayed (Illustration / Digital / Painting / Photography). There are twelve images in each gallery which are rotated in and out. Each artist is guaranteed one month of display in the gallery once accepted.

If you are selected as the Featured Artist we will contact you and have you send us more of your work so that we can set up your own exhibition in the Featured Artist gallery.

A permanent "Best of Art Challenge" gallery exists. All "Featured Artists" winners and other gallery winners of special merit will be placed in this gallery.

Any artist selected for showing is eligible to have his/her website included on our Links page.

Image Format

Images must be submitted as JPEGs at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Horizontal compositions - image width should be 450 pixels wide.
Vertical compostions - image height shoud be 400 pixels high.
(Therefore your image should be able to be viewed without scrolling)

If you don't know how to resize images you may send them anyway as long as they are saved as jpegs.

A maximum of three submissions are permitted at one time. Artists who have been roatated out of the current gallery are free to submit again. Please do!

If your work doesn't fall into one of our gallery categories go ahead and send it anyway. If we like it we'll post it in a gallery we think it fits. (Sculpture or mixed media might go in the Painting gallery for example)


Any image you send us remains as your property. You grant us the right to post it on the Art Challenge site for as long as we see fit.


Art works are judged on originality, technical rendition, and overall aesthetics. Websites are looked at for design and quality of art work. Artists who have their own websites are preferred over those who do not because this offers Art Challenge visitors a chance to see more work by artists who interest them. We wish to offer the best web based art experience for our visitors.

If you do not have a website, consider creating one now. Click >HERE

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