About Us
Art Challenge is an international art gallery and contest on the world wide web. We have four galleries of artists working in digital media, painting, illustration and photography. They are all competing for our "Featured Artist" award. There is an abundance of talent showcased within these pages to discover. We also offer artist hosting services. Artists have the option of building and managing their own online portfolio at artchallenge.com. This was developed in response to an enormous amount of artists who didn't have websites of there own and who couldn't afford to.

In the fall of 1999, Andy Hill had the idea of creating an art gallery on the internet. He took the idea to friend and graphic designer, Aron Standish. Okay. There you have it. Much brainstorming pursued and the idea was refined into the concept of an international art gallery and contest featuring art from all across the globe. Beautiful. Perfect. Neither of us had ever built a website. No problem. Much learning pursued. Finally, at the end of December 1999 we had the site launched and our galleries full of hand picked artists who were already on the net.

The gallery flourished and prospered and we continued to receive submissions from all corners of the world and attract about one hundred new visitors every day. The site went under a major reconstruction in September of 2002 and our artist hosting services were launched. This was the compiled effort of six months of work and much thanks is owed to Chris Macpherson who's programming contribution goes largely unnoticed in the background of these pages. Tell Chris it can't be done and he'll have it ready in the morning.

So there you have it. We're still operating upon the original principle behind the gallery, to showcase talented artists on the net, and we dream of more things to come. Stay tuned and please explore the rest of Art Challenge!

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